Homemade popcorn

When I recently realised that microwave popcorn from a bag was filled with chemicals, I immediately stopped letting my children eat it. Studies have shown that microwave popcorn bags breaks down when heated into a substance called perfluorooctanoic (PFOA) which the Environmental Protection Agency has identified as a “likely carcinogen.”. I try to also steer clear of the microwave as radiation can also be really damaging to your health. My homemade popcorn has been a hit with my kids ever since! No sugar and no chemicals but a savoury treat for them to munch on whilst we watch out favourite movie.


1 dl of organic popping corn
2 tbsp organic canola oil
A sprinkle of Himmalaya salt flakes


Add the oil to a non-stick pan to coat the kernals
Once sizzling, add the popping corn and cover with lid
It will speak to you throughout, once it’s stopped that means it’s done!
Transfer to bowl and toss with salt.

Beauty favorite

The best moisturizer I’ve had the pleasure of using. It hydrates like none other, very soothing, smells great, all natural, long lasting, just perfect. I also use it on hands and feet before going to bed.

Beauty favorite

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask leaves my dry skin perfectly moisturised, and I absolutely love it. Really comfortable mask and has a great scent. It’s currently my favourite pamper mask. It feels so good on the skin after application, really soothing and relaxing. It’s not too oily or tacky. It does have some stickiness even after it has absorbed into the skin, but it is a mask after all, not a moisturiser. I wouldn’t recommend it if you have oily skin, but if you have combined/dry skin with dry patches you should try this!

Beauty favorite

Do you know the feeling that when you have just applied some fancy moisturiser 10 minutes later your skin feels dry again?  This wonder cream from SISLEY keeps my skin hydrated all day long and my husband swears by it too.

Beauty favorite

This repairing oil from ESTELLE & THILD always leaves my dry skin feeling so nourished. I love to use it after a super long day just to feel recharged. Besides their face products they also have some of the best smelling soaps..